Kick Start

Your journey starts with a 10-Day Transformation program ($290 + Shipping) using a kit from Purium Health Products.  This will kick start your weight loss program allowing your body to reset and help you break addictions to harmful foods.  The program will provide you with essential nutrients without the extra, unused calories that get stored as fat.  Instructions on how to follow the program are included with the kit.


Keep it Going

With most weight loss plans, once the plan comes to an end you may have lost some weight, but you’re left wondering “Now What?”  You haven’t been educated on how to maintain the weight loss or even continue to lose. When you buy the 10-Day Transformation you get the Simple Weight Balancing System for FREE! ($400 Value)

The System is comprised of several modules that will provide you with the tools needed to create long term success.  Learn how to properly build a nutritional plan, incorporate exercise, and understand other factors that may be holding you back.


We are designed to be natural fat burners. If our systems are working properly our metabolism is as efficient as it needs to be. The problem is that we stuff ourselves full of junk, we don’t exercise, and we don’t get enough rest. All of that gunks up our system which makes us hold fat. So we starve ourselves or pop a bunch of dangerous pills hoping to kick it into high gear. No good.

Lasting weight loss takes more than little tips and tricks. There are plenty of food “hacks” out there that will make you go crazy trying to keep track of them all! Weight balancing is a complete weight loss system designed to provide you with the tools to effect and maintain change.

If you’re tired of all of the fads, gimmicks, pills, miracle guarantees, top 5 this and that, and ultra-expensive programs that don’t deliver, then you’re in the right place. This program is based on Ayurvedic practices which have been around for thousands of years. That’s NOT a FAD! It’s really the original healthy weight maintenance program.

The majority of weight loss/diet programs suffer from these unfortunate characteristics:
• They are only temporary fixes
• They only focus on weight as a number
• They give the same canned program for everyone
• They starve you or severely restrict proteins, carbohydrates, and/or fats
• They don’t address all sources of weight management and other health issues
• They use dangerous pills
• They are ultra-expensive

How is The Simple Weight Balancing System different?
• We set you up for life-long success
• We focus on total health and balancing for life
• We help you remove the weight loss blockages from your life
• We educate you on eating for your body type and your health concerns
• We help balance your sugar and glucose levels
• We help balance your thyroid levels
• We help balance your stress and cortisol levels
• We educate you on healthy lifestyle choices
• We guide you in making appropriate fitness decisions
• We have made it affordable for everyone