Holistic Health Practitioner Certification

This is NOT just another FAD weight loss program……




The majority of weight loss and diet programs suffer from these unfortunate characteristics:

• They are only temporary fixes
• They only focus on weight as a number
• They give the same canned program for everyone
• They starve you or severely restrict proteins, carbohydrates, and/or fats
• They don’t address all sources of weight management and other health issues
• They use dangerous pills
• They are ultra-expensive

If you have tried these type of weight loss programs with little to no success, leaving you frustrated and feeling even worse than when you started them, then you’re in the right place.

How is The Simple Weight Balancing System different?

• We set you up for life-long success
• We focus on total health and balancing for life
• We help you remove the weight loss blockages from your life
• We educate you on eating for your body type and your health concerns
• We help balance your sugar and glucose levels
• We help balance your thyroid levels
• We help balance your stress and cortisol levels
• We educate you on healthy lifestyle choices
• We guide you in making appropriate fitness decisions
• We have made it affordable for everyone